Red red whine….

Tremble at your stare
weep at your touch
Lifted up
Hold fast

This life

Sing my name in a breath
one single silent note

Capture all I am within a fleeting glance
Hold me closer than you dare
Let me slip like sand through open hands




Can you see where tears have smoothed away edges
that were once so crisp and clear?
Can you hear echoes of empty laughter?
Do you dare touch a smile that hurts to wear?

It is only a matter of time

Keep filling the cups of those within reach
have them overflow
Collect what you can within full hands

Waste not want not

Blood on my hands 
Breath after breath                                                                       


Chest heaving in anticipation
Curtain call

Time to take center stage
Lights shine brightly
hope dwindling in the heat

You never took a part, did not believe
acting alone



Whispers trace my soul
Eyelashes in the wind
Make a wish
Blow a kiss

FullSizeRender (88)
Natures soft edges meet the sharp edge of man.

❤ Leigh

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