Digging For Glitter – The Journey Here

A Bit About Me

How am I to cram 45 years of life into a brief description of myself?  If you had asked me ten years ago how I would tell someone about me, I would probably say I am a mom.  I would now grab the younger not-so-wise version of self and say

HEY hold on here!!”

I am a daughter, sister, friend, and a mom.  I am a girl trying to figure out how to get through the ups and downs of life with lips painted in various shades.  I am the nervous girl wanting so desperately to dance like no one is watching but a sock that is bunched up in my shoe is making it difficult to even walk across the dance floor with an ounce of grace.  I am able to fix almost anything; not well, mind you, but enough to get by for another day.

I would gladly give the last of anything I had to see someone else smile. I am silly but not often funny. I was a horrible student (don’t tell my gang) I failed home economics but somehow manage to run a house. All kiddos are accounted for and healthy. Some even say I’m a good cook!

leigh.3 BW

I am a reflection of each person I have had the pleasure to come across on this hard, lonely, full, noisy, beautiful breathtaking journey of life.

My bio is nowhere near complete. I am still working on it, I am still working on me! I may have a pile of kiddos and an overflowing make up bag, but I am no different than you.

Welcome to Glitter In The Trenches. Please check out Glitter Blog for my writing, including Mom Tears (moments in the day-to-day life of a parent) and Whine and Thoughts (snippets and reflections from along the journey.)

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