Funky Cold Medina & dancing in the Rocket Van

Today’s Mom Tears™ are brought to you by “Forty-six is knocking at the door” and “Currently seeking adventure that will allow me to be in bed by ten”

Yeah, I hear you the forties are the new twenties, but here is the thing.
I did not appreciate so many of the attributes my twenties offered. Actually, lets back up a wee bit as I was pregnant for most of my 20’3 and 30’s. so let’s skip back to the late teens.  What I wouldn’t give to have my 19-year-old body back!! I was fit and firm. When I stopped abruptly so did my body; it also responded quite well to being frightened, sneezing, jumping or laughing. I could party like a rock star all night put in a full day work then…. Do it all again!
True, I have become a tad wiser and choose (the kiddos help) to not partake in shennagins. BUT inside I keep hearing the wild side of me screaming to be let out. OK, OK not screaming but definitely use of an outdoor voice is involved followed with the soft whisperings of “Hey you will look like an idiot! Do you want the gang (and by gang I am referring to the children who remind me daily of how uncool I am) to see or catch wind of their mom being foolish?

 UMMM yes, yes, I do!
Oh, come on there is no pretending to be perfect in the eyes of our offspring. They are the first to point out anything action or words that offend them or cause great embarrassment. This should not be of any concern as I am amazed daily with all they seem to think is hilarious. Keep in mind I have five boys. I have been subjected to the passing of gasses for 24 years. They always think it’s a real riot and are quite proud of both noise and odours created any where any time of day or night.
My other concern for taking a brief walk on the wild side is that it seems to be a trend to step out after ten???? I remember like it was yesterday being elated going out for shots NOW I panic because shots involve taking someone to the doctors office and the dramatics that  follow. I still end up with a headache. I’m not sure why they don’t offer tables to dance on in any clinic and allow us moms to walk out through the spewings of a fog machine with the parking attendant offering asprin and a bottle of water.

I felt really on top of it when I was able to arrange eye exams for some of the crew four weeks in a row. I am pretty sure I skipped out of the optometrist’s office…. Follow that up with a walk-in nail appointment (real bad ass here.  I did not have an appointment!!) I opted out of my go to black and went with a lovely spring soft pink. Oh yeah, I grabbed a

Gangsta Mom….Pretty intimidating right?

chai tea for the drive home while jamming out to a 90’s playlist. Yes, that was me you saw dancing in the drivers seat of my rocket van waving my hands in the air like I didn’t care somewhat disturbed that Tone LoC was slipping Funky Cold Medina in drinks while wondering if I will have enough bacon to wrap the roast beef in for dinner tonight. It’s a week day and I completely tossed caution to the wind and picked up a case of ginger ale; didn’t even look to see if it was on sale.

As for taming the teen within? I’ll keep you posted. I will not walk with quiet grace into my 47th year I may even see midnight (insert OHHH’S and AHHH’S)


❤ Leigh

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