A little whine for the soul

Night time is for napping
There are prayers to be said
Glasses of water to fetch
Time spent leaning against the bedroom door watching your peaceful child rest

Morning coffee is so much better cold
There are hugs to be given
Secrets to reveal
Treasures to dig from beneath the couch
Sharks on the kitchen floor

Afternoon tea is meant to share
A mountain of stories that need to be read
Masterpieces made of paper and glue
cool air to be felt on your face
Giggles to fill your ears

Dinner time is when we say grace
Supper on the floor
Tall tales to be told
Flying saucers in the sink
A submarine caught in the drain

Bath time for everyone
Pirates sail through icebergs
A man lost at sea
Tiny footprints down the hall

Night time is for napping
For finding my spot against the bedroom door, to hear soft whispers of a child at rest
See the moonlight touch a soft cheek
Quietly thanking God for the work he has called me to do

❤ Leigh


Breathe deep little one
You are pound of my own flesh
Look farther than you have ever looked
Dream bigger than you dare
Keep your head high
Laugh more than you cry
Fall back onto me if you need
Even if you don’t think I am
I am only ever a step behind you

❤ Leigh




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