Opportunity missed and a lesson learned

Today’s Mom Tears™ are brought to you by “Missed opportunities” and “I opened that bottle of red that was being saved for a special occasion”

I am not sure of the exact moment as I have aged that time began to mingle and twist with memories. Some good, some not so good (some down right scary!) They all seem to have their place within my story though; without them ironically, I would not be here at this exact moment. Right here where I am supposed to be.
Hold on there!! This life of mine is far from perfect. I am still learning about this beautiful world. The people with whom I have been fortunate enough to be a part big, or minute of theirs. Yet here I am. Sipping a fabulous glass of wine in a home (albeit filled with children who are currently bored) also filled with an abundance of love. I try every day to be the best possible me (insert laughter) truthfully, I could try harder.

I missed an opportunity last week.

 Why? I was afraid of appearing foolish.

Ummm this is not normally a problem for me. I usually speak faster than my brain has the chance to register that what is going to fly out is most likely not appropriate, will not be smart and clench my jaw shut until the urge to make sound passes.

Still after this opportunity slipped out of reach never to be had again grace filled words of encouragement fell like rain on me. A gentle reminder to not be afraid of appearing foolish. You may be asking yourself “Ok, Leigh what are you getting at here?” To which I will respond: Please open that special bottle of wine (fancy for company tea bags, the

IMG_0746 (1)
Today IS the special occasion 

good coffee, what ever it is OPEN IT) consider the words better yet (try) to put them into action before opportunity slips through fingers desperately trying to cling onto “not feeling foolish”


Love whom you share this life with fierce passion.  You would be amazed at the people standing in the glow of such a precious commodity, how your happiness trickles onto even the furthest aspects of a passerby.

Give complements ten times more than you utter criticisms.  Only one of those will clear your view to the wondrous experience of being words that lift up instead of hobble another as they too try to reach the summit.

Smile (a smile that you feel from your toes) at a stranger. That warm feeling inside is reason enough and how beautiful it is when you receive that same smile back.

Be amazed every single time you are thought of.  Believe it or not you are not the center of everyone’s universe. (Seriously, you’re so vain… the song is NOT about you) When someone tells you they have thought of you, missed you…..oh wow… hold that tight to your heart.

Speak your truth.  Tough one here folks. Your honesty is the purest form of love you can shower on anyone.  Games are won and lost, tricksters only trick themselves your tongue will eventually deceive you.  It will happen, you will wake up in a cold sweat and face yourself. Those who saw you, the real you will stand beside your revelation proud you have finally spoken it.

Dance in the kitchen!  Seriously, every darn chance you get. The kitchen is the heart of any home. Food is prepared, cupboard doors slammed, children taught, achievements displayed on the fridge, laughter and tears.  Dance in the heart of the place that makes you feel loved and safe. (you don’t even need to be good at it! Just do it!)

Do not be afraid of hard work. No matter how educated, how well you may dress, how fancy your home or vehicle or how much you have in the bank you will at some point need to clean your own toilet. If this task eludes you in life respect and value the person who does it for you. There is zero shame in being “a worker bee” every V.I.P would be up shits creek if the toilet paper delivery person didn’t show up for work.

Learn from your mistakes. Own them, they do not define who you are they are trophies of continual forward motion even when they are set backs.  Mistakes are the catapult of future successes. Only a fool lets opportunity knock again and not answer the door.  Tell people how much you appreciate them, miss them, what they bring to your day. Do not be afraid chances are “they” are just as afraid as you are.

And this….

to the gentleman who shared his smile that was also easily seen in the sparkle in his eyes. You made my days a bit brighter. I wanted to thank you for that.

❤ Leigh
© 2018

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