Spread a little glitter today

Today’s Mom Tears™ are brought to you by “Hello amazing women everywhere” and “Yes! I’m Talking to you” 

International Woman’s day? The United Nations began celebrating International Women’s Day in the International Women’s Year 1975.  In 1977 the United Nations General Assembly invited member states to proclaim March 8th as the UN Day for women’s rights and world Peace. Please check out Wikipedia for more information.
OK, so that sounds pretty darn important! I am very aware of the women who have forged new paths before me, women who used their voices some at the ultimate cost in order for me (us) to live a life I enjoy.  OH, there is a long road ahead of us ladies however this is not where I chose to get political.  I want to celebrate our uniqueness our beauty!!

Let me begin by telling you about some amazing women I have come across in my life.  I must start with a few of the ladies who have had the largest impact on my life; who without them I would not be all I am.
Mom… You taught me that no matter where you were in life there was always time to be kind, to never place judgement on others and at the end of our journeys even if the pain is unbearable; to love. That being a mom and loving as a mom does, supersedes all else. I am grateful for your poor chocolate hiding skills without them I would keep my treats in easily found places. I have a stash, an emergency stash and a super duper locked down secret location(s).
Grammy… You taught me the most important bit of parenting advice ever. Holding my first child in your arms you looked at him with such love, lifted your smile to me and said “You are a Mother now… you will never have time to get sick or be tired” I laughed and giggled.  YOU WERE NOT KIDDING!!!!! I still look at that first child of mine, smile and think “WOW I’m tired and I wonder what its like to have a man cold” BUT mostly WOW! This, all of it good, bad has been so worth every hour of lost sleep x seven. I’d do it all again.
Aunt Marg…  You have taught me that the smallest of gestures can make the largest impacts. Everything is better when you sing it. No matter what life throws at you look for the positive. Thank you for those and for the countless hours spent on the phone chatting about everything and anything no matter what time of day or night ❤
Aunt Kathy… You have taught me that life is not always fair or easy but when the storms blow we can lean in on each other set our sails straight and try again. Its ok to be silly and no matter how many kiddos you have if school books are calling your name….pick them up!  Its never too late to steer your ship in a new direction. I’ve met some fairly strong men in my life but NONE hold a candle to the woman you are.

Sparkle like its no ones business

This next bit is a shout out to the awesome women I’ve happened across in my day to day travels Be prepared to be mind blown!!
The woman who works nights but spent the mornings last summer putting a new roof on her home!  WHAT?!?!? Yeah, a roof on a real house….then worked… nights…. (crowd goes wild) How did you know how to do that? Measuring, hammering, straight lines????
The lady who greets me with a smile at my local gas station; she is always pleasant AND she has two jobs…TWO!!
The woman who is struggling but always makes effort to support her girl friends, without question. Yeah, I noticed you. You are doing a great job.
The so many women who I have been blessed to meet who took a risk and went out there and started their own businesses. WOW!! You found your passions, took the risks and because of each of you I don’t have to say “I know a guy” I proudly say “OHHH You should go and see Sarah, Barb, Shannon, Christine, Michelle, Dawn, Sherri, Nicole, Karen, Marcie” ….just to name a few!
The amazing teachers who are stuck with OOPS!! Shaping my motley crew every darn day!! And not just my gang all the other young minds in the area….How do you do it???
I know women who are mathy, who can use power tools (properly) fix their cars/motor cycles, who snowmobile, work cattle, raise bees, chickens, know how to back up a trailer, can fill a barn with hay, drive tractor, fix fence, plant gardens large enough to feed their families all winter long, drive school bus, cook all day at work no matter how hot it gets in the kitchen, waitresses who serve with a smile even when their lives are upside down, working moms who balance not only jobs and home life but hockey on top of it, stay at home moms who never get a break, women who help raise other women’s kiddos, The women who gave up a career supported her partners climb up at work and stayed home to raise the kids, women who look at a mountain say: “I’ve got this” even when they are not sure they do and the dig in!!
You reading this! Yes you!! You are reason enough to celebrate because you got up today to take on your part of the world. You will give it your best shot, you know it won’t be good enough for some but its gonna be more than enough for someone else and heck YOU KEEP TRYING! For every unseen sacrifice made for the people your life….WOW, JUST WOW!  I am so incredibly proud to in some small way be connected to you. I have no clue how each of you do what you do and make it all look so effortless! 


Stand together girls, put out your hand, be lifted and lift each other!
Today is our day!!

❤ Leigh


  1. What a great post ! My daughter was disappointed that all the posts she saw were from women, she asked why aren’t men posting and celebrating us too? She then asked me why we get a day and they don’t. It’s awesome to have raised a daughter in a country and in an era where she feels equal enough to question why we have our own day but also understands we got here by empowering and celebrating each other rather than waiting for men to do it for us. Keep shining and keep celebrating ladies, all you beautiful souls who have influenced Leigh and the rest of us too!

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