Fri-yay? …. What?

Todays Mom Tears™ are brought to you by “I wish it was Friday” and “Friday is just another day in the trenches!!”

I am not sure what all the Friday hype is about. I mean Friday night the gang stays up later, but somehow Saturday morning they awake earlier than any other day of the week! Then it begins… the barrage of questions about the day’s activities.  They will chase me around the house with cries of their plight reaching near death with boredom. I keep moving from one job to another, fitting in drives here and there and joyfully offer the opportunity for them to each lend a hand. Apparently, the things I do are boring ( I would never forgive myself if the one chore done to help me caused early demise.) I am sure that is why they each decline any and all invitation. (pleading, tear stained face, begging)


FullSizeRender (6)
Shower coffee? Yes, please!

Mom chores…. Monotonous? Yes.
Never ending? Why, yes.
Appreciated? Sadly, No.


When the kiddos put in their billionth request before ten a.m., I usually let go with both barrels. Expressing the importance of being a team player; I mean, I am an awesome example of a team player. I drive here and there and sit for hours on end watching the angels participate in their activities. Yes, there are times when a fork in the eye would bring me more joy than spending the evening/entire day watching sports. Alas, truth be told, I love each of them so darn much that I endure it. (Yes, I said endure, and I meant it!) I will recount to them how I find no enjoyment from cleaning urine up from around the toilet bowl, but it’s necessary. I point out that no one notices when I do it, but everyone would notice if I did not. I believe the neighbours would notice as well….boys outnumber us girls here by a landslide.

Side note: Seriously though how hard is it to hit the bowl dead center when you are under five feet tall???

Fridays do provide the tiniest relief to most moms. There are no lunches to be made at the crack of dawn the next morning (just the constant creak of the fridge door, countless snacks, and the whining… UGG..) But let me tell you; knowing I don’t have to drink my coffee in the shower as I hurry to start the work day, and can perhaps have two cups Saturday mornings kinda does make me want to shout:  “Friday is coming folks” then whisper “Lord, help me get through the weekend.”

❤ Leigh
© 2018


  1. Apparently it is extremely hard to hit the toilet dead center. I have asked T time and time again how this is possible and he explains to me ‘mom you don’t have one so you just don’t understand.’ and the one time I told him to straddle toilet and point it down ‘mom that is the worst advice ever’ and the 1st statement reiterated. You are not alone. 🙂


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