Tutus, Unicorns and The Mathy Bits

Today’s’ Mom Tears™ are brought to you by “Time” and “Somewhere in the middle” with special guest “Rolling with the punches”

Life is pretty awesome. I am safe, well and for some reason moments of my life are popping up just like the hum and click of a slide show projector. There are feelings and almost an instant pull back to those moments. I’m pretty positive I am not having a stroke because as sure as my fingers are flying across the key board in the back ground of thought is the realization that dinner will not make itself. Though I could go for a crunchy piece of toast… not burnt but almost.

I enjoy reading even though now its not as simple as grabbing a book and a hot cuppa. I first have to look for my readers…. UGH… I appreciate reading about people real or fictitious. Those who are able to overcome who have the ability to take the wheel steer with almost little effort through the valleys of life. I am mature enough (cough cough) to realize that each author keeps some pieces back. Let’s face it everyone enjoys a happy ending. Not too many will let you in to see how much darkness needs to be traveled through before even the dimmest light provides hope. If and when they do its quite often apparent by the pages left, that in fact they do. Wouldn’t it be delightful if we too could hold our own books with the certainty that each ending would be note worthy leaving the readers, those we let in with a good feeling a “Yes! He / She did it” I suppose then that we would not be caught up in the living part of life.

It is just about here when I tuck and roll

If I have learned anything it is that there are so many factors out of my control. I mean, seriously, come on! The only thing of which I have absolute control are my reactions to situations. I will be the first to admit I am no rock star when it comes to confrontation. I’m not sure if it has to do with my people pleasing demeanor…. which is odd considering I am also a tad bossy. It can be tough stuff when I am mixed with those among us who are fact driven results oriented when I’m over here searching for the pot of gold riding my unicorn wearing a sparkly tutu. I am a feelings kind of gal. I am a forgiver and hard to forget the way events make me feel. Not even kidding I can’t play Candy Crush because I can feel the edge of every morsel in my mouth, and fail a level??? The wee girl looks so disappointed in me. I. Can’t. Do. It.
Now, imagine dealing with life. Dear God. Over time I have perfected the tuck and roll. NOT the go with the flow. The protection of mind through facing each sUpRiSe with in the moment coping strategies that allow me to keep it together. Invite me to dinner in a week and I won’t sleep wracked with worry, show up at my door and I’ll feed you for a week without second thought.

Time, perhaps its nudges have allowed me to see that though I am not responsible for every darn thing that happens around me nor am I the writer in the stories of those I share life with I can choose my parts in both. And yes, sometimes that includes rolling down hill….in above mentioned tutu. You are probably wondering at this point how on earth does this leave you in smack in the middle?? Fortunately, I realize how important the busy bee detailers are. They too revert to coping strategies to allow themselves not only the patience to deal with all us unicorn riders but need a shield of protection as well. That whole action leads to reaction mathy bit or is that sciency? Either way it makes my head hurt. We do not need to explain our naked selves to anyone its as simple as finding your group and out of that cluster there will be the one person who hands out a towel to cover up your unfiltered bits.

Tuck, roll with the punches. Only time will tell. Every book worth reading has a middle… the middle where more words are left out, pages bent, marked with pen…. The messy bits…..the beautiful endings waiting for new beginnings.

❤ Leigh

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  1. Hi Leigh

    As usual I found great delight in reading your writings and stories. But when in doubt about things, you can always grab a bag of Potato Chips and a Chocolate Bar (or 2), retire to your room and enjoy your snacks. Take care and stay safe and healthy.

    From your neighbours just up over the hill…

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