Red for a grey day….

She brightens any space
though her pockets are full of darkness
Her voice carries melody to music
only she understands
She is silence
in a room full of words



leighs photos 1704.JPG
How eloquent it is to just be




She danced like air through open windows
Taking from every element rolling them feverishly into her
The silent moments before the crash
She is the wildest parts of your imagination
Calm before a storm
Lightening before it strikes
Thunderous roar

She is as soft as she is fierce
Timeless lost moments
Fear in the bravest of hearts
She is a mother
Drawn from earth released to the sky



Breathe deep little one
You are a pound of my flesh
Look further than you have ever looked
Dream bigger than you dare
Keep your head high
Laugh more than you cry
Fall back onto me if you need
I am only ever a step behind


It is in the quietest moments
Stolen from time
Where laughter mingles with tears
Resilience faces doubt
Dreams battle nightmares
These are the darkest corners of self



Pick your own
Fueled with emotion
Fires rise inside
Emptiness echoes
This life
The window into me
See what you will
Choose words to fill my mouth
Screaming for so long
My cries are background to your own story

❤ Leigh


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