Hallmark moments and a little Bruce

Today’s Mom Tears™ are brought to you by “Being sent a song” and “Mom why are you crying?”

I am ashamed to admit that I am a hopeless romantic. I believe in fairy tale endings and all that crap. I am angered that I become glued to the TV when a new Hallmark movie comes on. They are predictable horribly written and let’s not even get into the poor sets and acting!!!!!


There is something magical in being swept away in the romance of love blooming over adversity all within ninety minutes.

 That Is NOT real life…. sigh…

Real life has messier problems that are not as easily fixed as they are in a town which has forgotten Christmas! No amount of children acting in the pageant at the old town hall laden with scrounged up decor, hot cider… not even if Mrs. Hiltz has baked enough goodies to put a slight grin on the grumpiest of old codgers’ weather-beaten lips; can fix the every day not so Hallmark moments.

By the way Mrs. Hiltz often… to often has me purchasing two scrumptious treats with all intentions of sharing one.
I do.
One on the way home with myself and the other before dinner again with me. Honestly if you don’t love yourself, and I’m working on the “me” in “I”. Also, at 46 I really have no clue how much time I have left and there are soooo many deserts I (we) must try!

So, a romantic at heart but cynical enough (to much) to toss everything aside for “the magic.” I am still a sucker for lyrics in a song. If you send me a song, I guarantee you I will listen to every word and totally get lost in the rhythm and most likely listen twice x 1000.
One of my older boys sent me The Wish by Bruce Springteen. If you have a son PLEASE, I beseech you to look it up, sit yourself down (tissues in hand) and have a listen.  This particular song is quite special to me as I have been fortunate enough to have been asked for a dance in the kitchen by the same young man. My forever little boy in the kitchen not that long ago.

The best dance floor anywhere

Today the baby (not a real baby but our baby) saw me crying after I was sent the song.  You see it was not just what his older brother had sent it was the timing. Sometimes as a mom / actual girl with feelings kiddos have a very unique way of saying “I love you” “I see you struggling and this is all I have to give” I simply told the baby that the words to the song were quite beautiful, who had sent it to me and how very much it meant.

So, I do suppose that though fairy tale endings may not exist there are in fact moments in life that shine as bright as the pot of gold nestled in pastures greener than the eye can take in.
I may struggle, I may fight things I chose to keep silent


No one will ever be able to take away the precious gift of a bit of kitchen dancing, a boy & sending his mom that same song just because.

“I’m older but you will know me in a glance
We will find us a us a little rock ‘n roll bar and
baby we will go out and dance”

❤ Leigh

Mrs. Hiltz BTW is my very own Hallmark angel ❤ If you haven’t been in….WHAT are you waiting for???? 

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