It’s five o’clock somewhere, time for whine….

Loss and grief are so intertwined
Beginning and end unseeable
Trying to keep afloat
Expectation of life to go on
Needs pushed forward
Murky waters to swim
Searching for answers
In the hands of a ghost
Others visions focused on
Reactions of loss


Pieces held together with an old rubber band


No room for more
Cannot accept less

Foot forward in fancy shoes
To tight
Eyes forward
Shoulders back
Wind whistles through


Darkest of night
Ideas form
Lost with light of day

How much longer
Open your eyes

Look with your heart
Your mind to me
Breath us in
Exhale the hurt

Touch with all the gentleness you guard
Saving it for a rainy day
In front of you
I stand
The storm you have been waiting for


❤ Leigh


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