Words locked into sentences
Impressing upon you thoughts that
may have never crossed your mind.
They were once random pings and pangs
floating aimlessly in understanding or interpretation of my slightly tilted view
penned across vast sheets of white crisp paper
given away freely feeling the weight of their power lifted
Messages gathered may not have been my intent
given away to mold into your own experiences
I gave you my thoughts
Words so common and mundane
Cause you to feel emotion

Letters arranged to rhythm pings and pangs




When chaos and rhetoric absorbed every corner of silence
She turned inward
Listened to the quiet voice

“Keep going”



The hub of any wheel
When broken chaos and blame ensue.
Ironically it is the spokes which can not bear weight alone



I savor words like some do a fine wine
Rolling around my mouth with hints of berries and spice


Tiaras and sips


❤ Leigh


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