Kids and The Pets They Love

Today’s Mom Tears™ are brought to you by “Can we keep it?” and “Who’s job is it to clean the litter box anyway??”

There is nothing like the bond that occurs without effort between kids and pets. It doesn’t matter if the pet is a fish, lizard, rodent (no thank you!) kitty or pup.  It is truly one of the most beautiful things in the world to watch a child nurture and love any animal.

I received a text earlier this week from a friend asking me to check out their


newest family member Tuna.  Now, here is where my heart began to explode! You see Tuna is no ordinary house cat. He is a rescue cat who since his adoption has started his very own Instagram page … Well, his mom did… This little guy has been quick to gather followers.  Oh, he is a cutie that is for sure but, truthfully there is a wee bit of magic knowing that there is a kiddo out there smiling and feeling positive vibes from fellow cat lovers. Her love for her adopted “son” and little captions of his adjusting into a new home show her creativity with both word and capturing moments in photos.

We have had our fair share of pets over the years the list includes:

Grasshopper farms:
I found this one day many years ago in my sons’ dresser…… It was full (FULL) of grass and not one hopper to be found.
The worm collection:
Same boy, he was delighted when I came across the Ziploc bag full of mud and worms, cause he lost it????
Rescued baby birds, cats, dogs, fish, incredibly reproductive aquatic snails, horses and Happy the special calf…. Just to name a few.  We currently have a cat named Sprinkles (my fifteen-year-old insists on calling her Gary Laser Eyes) who has found herself in a home where many arms want to hold her and she listens patiently while the youngest speaks to her.
I feel pretty darn lucky to be the grandma to a sweet albeit large puppers. She is currently spending the next few months here as my oldest girl and her boyfriend are building a house. I am beginning to dread the day it is complete not only because they will be leaving the nest but because they will be taking their dog with them. I know without doubt the youngest member of the gang will be heart broken as he has already decided he would like a dog of the exact same breed and would like to use the same name…. kid code for I am so in love with this dog. Not to worry folks we have set dates to puppy sit!

As an adult I have not had a time where there has not been a dog in the house. Unfortunately for the crew I have entered a phase in my life where the thoughts of bringing in a new puppy are outweighed by the memories of all the work they take. Quite truthfully the passing of Dolly was and still is upsetting. Its strange how months later I  expect to hear her bark or greet us at the door.

Animals are wonderful blessings in our lives. 
……. Also note to self…. I should have had a written-up contract regarding litter box detail. It seems to me that everyone was on board when the kitty-cat-o was being discussed and now just months in all but one child has opted for early retirement!

** If you would like to see what Tuna gets up to I am sure it would make her moms day … It is the little things in life that make the biggest differences**


❤ Leigh

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