A Good Shower Cry Gone Wrong!

Today’s Mom Tears™ are brought to you by “I am not always smiles and sunshine” and “I had a bad morning” with special guest “I am real”

*DISCLAIMER* The attached video contains the f-bomb😲

Ok, so here it is folks. The ugly truth. I do not walk around with a permanent smile on my face; actually, I could never play poker because I cannot even pretend to pull off a straight face. I do not always see the bright side of things. I do work VERY hard at seeing the good. I also wear my heart on my sleeve.

Basically, I am a hot mess. A constant bubbling cauldron of emotions. I cry (sob) in the shower often. The video attached to this post is prime example of a sleepless night too much to do before the bus pulled up to take the youngest members of my gang to school and get myself ready for work.
OH, this is by no means an apology for my behavior. This is a glimpse into the trenches. To let whomever loses their shit before a day fully gets under way you are not alone.


Here’s the thing when you are a parent. It is incredibly inconvenient. There are zero days off, lets not forget that children are incredibly self-absorbed little creatures. As long as they are loved, fed, clothed, entertained and have full wifi bars they are happy. Also (I am now hanging my head in shame) they need and deserve to see/experience their parents truth. That is a tough one. Moms (dads too) cannot run around in a constant heightened emotional state… HOWEVER… kiddos do need to know when you are not at full parenting mode. These are teachable times. It allows them to see (you) us as human. That your feelings are important and perhaps just sometimes you too toss a fit.

I am allowed to use the washroom alone…. except when any of the kiddos are around. Then they are the only ones who are allowed the gift of privacy. I’m not sure what a girls gotta do around here to have a good cry ALONE?!?!?! I always giggle when they lock the washroom door it seems like just a few minutes ago they were calling me in to wipe their butts and now I have been banished????

This particular morning not only did I have the pleasure of having four out of seven children in the washroom while I showered, I refereed a couple of arguments, yelled answers to questions from another room … including what did you pack me for lunch AND what will we be having for dinner. The music I was listening to was turned down so low I had to hear myself sing (YIKES) and apparently my 15 year old thought that mommys tittering on the edge was the perfect time to make a video to send to gang members who could not be here to partake in the joys of the morning. I did not know he was filming me losing my mind. I had repeatedly asked him to please stop, please be quiet, and hurry up get out of here so I can get out of the shower!!!



I did laugh my head off when I saw the video a week or so later…. The kids really had a good chuckle at my expense and truthfully that’s ok.

I have years on the crew BAHAHAHA …. I will get the last laugh ….its a mom perk!

❤ Leigh


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