Tuesday afternoon whine

Ode to the wall flowers
To those who so badly want to be part of the here and now
who have fear wrapped so tightly around ankles swollen from trying to break free
To those who have love in their hands as sharp as broken glass
unable to let it flow trying desperately to pull it closer colouring the once clear shards crimson
To those whose heart breaks with each upset of those who gather near
trying to remember the last time your own raced in any form anticipation
To those who desire breathing in crisp morning air
unable to catch a full breath in the underwater of your own sins
To those who want to be alone as the crowd who pushes you here and there
cannot see the you behind the glass bound by sin a body pulsating for a breath in your own loneliness 


Silence the beast within
Hold your tongue and smile


I once had a dream I could fly
Soar above the clouds 
Rise above today
carelessly with tomorrow
Staying lost somewhere between both
Wind caressing my skin
stealing my breath as it tickles my ear
Twisting, turning
Taking fact from fiction
release it’s grip
Weightless of body 
Mind free to race against the howling
Wild wind


There comes a point in our lives when shock looses it’s value.
We instead are in awe of what amazes us

                                               ❤ Leigh
© 2019

Is rose considered chilled if it is beside the fridge?

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