All the rules we break

Today’s Mom Tears™ are brought to you by “Famous last words” and “When you can’t make eye contact with your child”

Thank heavens the weather is deciding to make a bit of a change for the warmer. Though this is most welcomed by this heat and sun loving mom it does bring a few problems in a house full of kiddos. We put in a swimming pond last spring. Oh, the days spent in it were glorious. There is nothing quite like the tranquility found water side.  It also provided a new source of activity for my gang and allowed them to fight with each other in a new outdoor environment.
There are rules to be followed while pond side. Some are practical others are obvious to anyone over the age of twenty. I use this age because, well, boys outnumber girls in this crew.

1: No swimming unless an adult is present.
2: No peeing in or in the direction of the pond. Again …. Boys
3: No spitting while swimming.
4: No farmer blowing of the nose in the pond. This rule really should and does include;         don’t do it near mom AT ALL.
5: When the sun goes down, get out!
6: If you take it up there you carry it back to the house.
7: No, you may not use my towel. Bring your own.
8: Pick up all garbage, bowls, cups whatever you have used.

These are really just common-sense things. I want to enjoy outdoor time as well and really did love every second spent together out there last summer.

Ok, so young children see the snow has left and immediately think its time to have a swim. I have repeatedly stated that it is still far too cold for any quick dips. Not because I am a fun sucker. The truth is the thoughts of enduring hearing any one of them whine from catching cold is terrifying.

I. Can’t. Do. It.

This has been going on for days. I suppose that my constant reminding them that it is still too cold became background music in their ears and they began to hear “You can do it” “You should do it” and lastly “DO IT!!!!!!!”

The baby (not a real baby but our baby) took it upon himself to not only break rule number one but also jumped in. Twice. This also says a lot for his character as I am sure the older kidletts were encouraging his rebellious behavior. After completing his pre-season plunge he did what any young boy would do and got on his bike to have a ride around the yard for a while. I was hopeful this ride was one of reflection of his errored ways.


He eventually came inside. I scolded him (deep down I admired his tenacity and bad@$$ behavior. Alas I am the mom so scolding, a hot shower and sent to bed was my option)
Supper time rolled around. We gathered at the table, said grace and began passing food. We have a tradition here at the dinner table of asking each other “What was the best part of your day?” We go in order according to assigned seating.

This means the baby is always first. When asked His response was without hesitation, clear, calm and deliberate. He did not even lift his wee head in-between bites and replied in the most angelic of voices “Jumping in the pond”

I could not even look at him. The less mature gathered broke into loud laughter and the few more mature suppressed giggles with heads bowed.

Hats off to you young man.
You had a goal.
You reached it.
You were proud.
A few days later he commented in a quiet voice that he had won this year. He was the first of the gang to jump into the water. I guess that when you are the baby in a large family you have to sometimes show the rest of us that you may be small but you are mighty.

❤ Leigh


  1. Great, really enjoyed reading this, great to hear all your family is having fun down over the hill.. Hope all is well with you and that you are feeling ok


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