Bitter Red with a hint of oak


Hand grippe tightly to vices
you will never understand

I am more

Words ripped open
thoughts for you to see
Images drawn, imprinted, left

I am more

Faces recoil
hell here on earth
helping you to save me

I am more

More light
More dark
More noise than silence
More everything 
Nothing at all

I am more



Anticipation while opening the beautifully wrapped package, soon became dread as she peered into the empty box.

It was then she noticed the ornate silver ribbons were the strings attached.

They twisted and turned; enveloping her until she was certain
The price to be paid



Acceptance not of situation
of self
is where healing begins



The more I grow
The more power and weight the tiny word

IMG_0350 (1).JPG
In the darkest of dark, light will find a way

❤ Leigh

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