Oops…. I dropped it like it was hot…

Today’s Mom Tears™ are not so proudly brought to you by; “I dropped the F bomb I have no regrets” and “I feel invigorated”

OK, ok we have all thought it, mumbled it under our breaths a few have let it fly…
I dropped it like it was hot.
I did not even have the foresight to hold it in.
It fell out.
In the stale air that clung to the silence after it hit the floor the much more mature me was hitting panic buttons in my brain screaming!!!!!!!
“What have you said?”
“What have you just done?”
I am not sure but I think buzzers were going off and sirens could be heard far and wide.

I did what I believe any one would have done. I calmly regrouped and spoke clearly and calmly. My teeth were not even clenched in the well-known mom smile used while uttering death threats saved for family outings. (Don’t act like you haven’t used it. I can spot that vein popping painful smile a mile away)

I did not apologize for my profanity. IMG_1246


Let’s face it they have all heard it before just not out of my mouth while referring to wasting food. Was it my proudest mom moment? Absolutely not. Will it happen again? Most likely not in reference to a sandwich uneaten left in a lunch box. (I would devour a bologna sandwich on stale bread with ketchup if it was made for me. you don’t bite the hand that feeds you and seriously I don’t know the last time anyone has made me toast let alone an entire lunch) But it will happen again of that I am almost sure. I am a mom not a super human with saint like capabilities of remaining calm and dignified at all times. I will not profess to be anything more than me, I just do it wearing make up.

My child’s ears did not fall off.
His eyes did almost pop out. I think they may have of actually hit me from across the room.
He did gain something as well though he got a glimpse of a frustrated, tired girl who sometimes says the wrong thing at the wrong time no better or worse than anyone else he come across in life.

Where did the invigoration come from? Sometimes, just sometimes no other word releases so much in one syllable…

❤ Leigh


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