Leaky eyes, too much cream cheese & one very full heart.


Today’s Mom Tears™ are brought to you by “The most unexpected gifts” and “Ya’ll really left me speechless” with special guest “I was planning on partying like it is 1999 … but that was TWENTY years ago … TWENTY. YEARS. AGO.”


Well, like I always mutter to myself in holy reverence when popping the last chocolate anything into my mouth “It is done” AND it is to be said in Morgan Freeman’s voice of course.   Feel free to add on the angles singing ALLLLMEN, totally up to you but I highly recommend the full experience.  Just like my hidden treats another Christmas is in the books. Most of us are in some sort of cream cheese filled nightmarish vortex waiting to be spewed into the new year as the last of the fancy crackers sop up the entrails of delicious dip whilst rinsing our pallets with festive beverages trying to figure out where to place ourselves for the midnight kiss.  Oh, come on now.  Like I’m the only one thinking it?? Do you want to be on the receiving end of an over rummed sloppy smooch to bring in the New Year?  I didn’t think so.  I don’t care if you are 15 or 115 there is magic to be had in the moments of a year past and a fresh one waiting to unfold.

Without doubt this has been the most difficult and humbling holiday season I have yet to enjoy on this wondrous planet.  Yes, even in the most difficult of moments I could not help but see light shine.  Some of the light was blurry cause there were more than a few moments dust made my eyes leak. Ok, ok there was some ugly face crying as well but that is reserved for the shower, the depths of my pillow and that one time looking into the deep freezer. Not recommended as it truly does add an entire new level to full on sobbing, not pretty!!
I am a huge believer in things happening for a reason. The choice is yours as to how to react.  That by no means disallows for a good old fashion pity party!  Those moments believe it or not are important steps in moving forward, they are also the moments when your tribe seems to jump out of nowhere to lift you up perhaps with a loving shove, sometimes sitting silently by your side when tears are all you have, sometimes knocking at the door filling a basic need.
Even then beauty is found…. We are not alone on this journey, so very grateful to be reminded we are not alone.

How much more can I shove in my mouth? All of it.  I will eat it all, moms don’t waste a crumb.

So where does this fit into partying like its TWENTY years ago?  IT DOESN’T and how awesome is that?? Seriously! Who wants to go back in time when there is so much waiting ahead?  The bumps, the victories no matter how big or small there is an entire new chapter waiting for YOUR mark.  YOUR sparkle to cast light. Don’t fall prey to resolving to being anything more than who you are in all of its glorious mess. If anyone dare question what you are doing while scratching their head staring at you with a mix of confusion and wonder simply reply; “One life, I’ve got this one life” 
If you want to cut the lawn in a little black dress…. DO IT!
If you want to wear full make up to your day time job…. DO IT!
If you want to wear a plaid flannel shirt and blue jeans to a wedding…. DO IT! (Hey I don’t want to do that but I would sure be smiling if I saw you, because you let me see the real you!)
Take a chance…. DO IT.  Say YES to YOUR life.


**Bonus** New Year’s over rummed sloppy kiss avoidance techniques:

Do not place yourself in a corner prior to midnight.  This is the most dangerous spot to be as there is no room to shuck and jive.

Keep lip stick in your hand prepared for a new year touch up. No one needs to begin a new year with last year’s lippy on.

The bathroom is ALWAYS a safe bet. The door locks and even the rummiest sloppiest kisses will not follow you in there.

If you are interested in being part of the festivities but have peopled enough over the holidays. I recommend a face mask and carry a small container of hand sanitizer. The flu is the friend of no one and you will enjoy a solid invisible barrier from everyone.  This tip is very beneficial as the smorgasbord of delights will be completely abandon when you waltz up to it.  This also is handy in avoiding bathroom lines, drink lines and lastly a 12:01am quick exit.   Keep in mind it is rude to skip away from an event. On lookers will sure to wonder of your miraculous recovery and question your lack of help tidying up.

All of these hints are null and void if your rum consumption exceeds appropriate limits 😊

❤ Leigh
© 2018






  1. Love the tips on avoiding the midnight sloppiness! And the advice to give up on resolutions. Be your best and if you can’t be your best, be bold in your mediocrity! Shine on!

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