Not quite Trumpish but definitely some type of citrus fruit.

Today’s Mom Tears™ are brought to you by “I’ve never wanted a spray tan” and “I’m working really hard (seriously working hard) on finding the positive”

I am the kind of girl who is the first one out in a swim suit to catch some rays.  I am also old enough to remember the bygone days of slathering yourself in baby oil to fry like a chicken under the broiler. (I ummmm perhaps still do this.)

I love being warm.

Ok I just lied.

I LOVE being hot.

There has never been nor will there ever be a time I will seek out a fake tan because well…. I am not sure but, could I catch fire because of my oil slathering and who the heck would make dinner then?

Life has a funny way of giving us at times exactly what we do not want. I have managed to pick up a lovely hue of yellowish orange.  I am not trumpish but defiantly have a glow about me.  The upside is I am still chocolate free, potato chip free and yes; almost completely smoke free did I mention that my new shade has really put the focus on my

If you cannot put on a pair of sparkly heels in bed why bother owning them.

movie star white teeth?  I have that just been bleached sparkle going on. Oh, And I’m pretty sure my blue wrinkle cream is helping offset any of the brassiness in my new pallor. (See really digging for the positives)

This is NOT the worst. This shall PASS. I WILL come out the other side with a new perspective and appreciation.
I am the very lucky recipient of not one but two autoimmune diseases (I will refer to them from now on as issues. It just sounds a wee bit more care free and fun) These issues have been at bay for almost five years.  And Let me tell you I have had some AMAZING things happen in those five years! Life was going pretty darn good until I started noticing some weird little annoyances, oddities if you will. The first being a sudden lack of desire for chocolate. I was a hard core (quite disturbing actually) chocoholic. Coffee was starting to taste like dirty bath water which sadly seemed more desirable than puffing away on a delicious relaxing cig.

Shit was about to get real.

It was back… of the issues. Little jerk really.  Here it is weeks away from Christmas and:
 “HELLO! Leigh?!?!? We need to talk”
“LEIGH you cannot turn the music up any louder and try to avoid me but damn girl you have picked up a couple new dance steps”




(Not the good WHAM with George Michael)


Still the positives kept coming forward.
I have had so many blood tests that even if I wanted to become a junkie at this point in life I could not.  Why? You may be asking yourself.  Well Ill tell you why.  My arms are killing me!! I would not trust myself to inject anything into my body and seriously the amount of cotton balls and special tape required ….. What kind of a bag do you carry all those things in?  I can never find scissors around here so how would I do nice little tape strips?? Lastly, I do not own a lab coat nor do I wear white, oh Lord I would also need a name badge.

See all good stuff presenting itself. I clearly do not have time to gather these things.  A new bag might be a nice touch minus the scissor holder. Who knows I may take up jogging and one knows not to run with scissors……


Perhaps this is exactly why my body has decided to knock me down!!!!! There needs to be an entire line of bags with scissor holders for all of us non-runners.

“Want to go for a quick 5k?”

“Oh geeze I would love to but I have these scissors on me and you know its not safe to run with them”

If you dig deep enough, deeper than you thought you could there is always a bright side.  It in no way takes away the fear, apprehension or worry but it sure feels good to smile.

❤ Leigh
© 2018



  1. Me too..on the swimsuit thing anyway. I LOVE to bake myself to a delicious golden brown like a damn turkey. Which is why, I suppose, it’s a good thing I live in Texas where it’s warm enough to lay out in the sun at least 3/4 of the year.

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