I am a hockey Mom because my kids love hockey

Today’s Mom Tears™ are brought to you by “I am not the least bit sporty” “I love the kiddos that love the game” and “Special thanks to you hockey Moms who love the kids AND love the game” (I totally don’t get it…but hey it takes all kinds)

To the moms out there who hurry after a long day’s work, quickly make dinner, scurry to pack up the not so cool mom-mobile only to fly to arenas both near and far rushing little ones through the door for practices and games.

To the time spent in different dressing rooms that carry an odour that assaults not only your nose but taste buds; as it is as pungent as the air is thick on a sticky July afternoon.  Breath held as you open the bag that will for sure release the smell of victory that has also mingled with the putrid miasma of defeat (literally de-feet) Then heaven forbid you don’t dress your first star in their order of preference, top to bottom…. not this week mom its bottom to top. Then the skates!! Never in the history of man has anything caused as much anguish as this.  Don’t tie the skates too tight! Not tight enough and the “Wow mom did you even try?”  Do not, I repeat do not wrap the laces around the ankles! Skates are not meant to be restrictive casts. They are to fit like a boot allowing for free movement.

A quick once over all equipment is on, in correct order and he/she is out the door and onto the ice. You now get to gather your sweaty self. Putting hockey gear on a child is a work out. It really is too bad the other parents in the dressing room have no clue I am preforming a timed event dressing and undressing my child. (I have noticed a marked improvement in my agility this season.) Alas; all of this will pass and your assistance in the dressing room will no longer be required. All too soon you will become simply a shuttle which coincides nicely with the GPS for every Tim Hortons known to man you developed in early years. Sorry ladies the smell….OH it gets worse. 

Thankfully this is not a scratch & sniff photo.

To the time spent either at the fifty minutes of on ice training or a three-period nail bitter.  You have assumed your spot like a meerkat among all the other hockey moms watching every movement with a keen eye.  Truth be told…. when your little (or not little any longer) hockey star makes a play or even looks like their speed has picked up you get filled with pride and it is in those seconds you really understand what it is to love the game. It is this moment the most timid of us all is born, and a voice is heard above the crowd…Yes, it is you….cheering and shouting words of encouragement.

To the time spent waiting (and waiting) in lobbies while children hurry at a snails pace to undress and head home.
When they do finally emerge from dressing rooms the sound of voices asking for any spare change for gumballs fills the room in a prayerful Gregorian chant .  Bolder players asking for Gatorade and fries because they are starving and dehydrated creates a muffled buzz and the murmur of “No, you will be fine” or “Not today” picks up a beat so rhythmic you can almost dance to it.

To the drive home that is usually spent with vivid retelling of every moment of on ice action, And of course you are asked if you saw every play.  Not only ones your child made but all the children and yes, you will lie through your teeth saying you saw it all.  Bantering in the mom-mobile while bartering over how high the heat should be on as your athlete is melting and you are unsure if your fingers and toes are still attached. You know your nose is because it has run the entire time you shivered at the rink.

To the mom whos son or daughter is a goalie. Your night has not yet ended because every save, every move made between the pipes going to be re-enacted in the kitchen with the tendy sliding around in sock feet reflexes as quick and nimble as Carey Price. You will need to Ohh and Ahh at the right moment and expect numerous do-overs. Kitchen goal-tending makes almost perfect in the crease play.

To every mom out there who loves the child who loves hockey but is in need of a reprieve. You will get one although brief. It is just after playoffs before spring hockey tryouts.

❤ Leigh

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