Back to school. One month in…wow!

Today’s Mom Tears™ are brought to you by “One month into the school year” and “Seriously?  Hannah I really just want to know who didn’t flush the toilet!”

Here we are one month into the school year and not unlike you other moms out there I have managed to spend a kings ransom on all that is entailed on back to school. I have tapped into almost every Pinterest lunch idea. Signed up for cash on line, remind, filled out all important paperwork and returned it to the school.  You know there is nothing like getting a friendly email about the next purchase to be made at exactly the same time you are arguing with an eight-year-old about the importance of showering.  I know this to be true because on the night in mind I googled photos of staph infections after above mentioned eight-year-old had the soap accidentally fall out of his hands, wash down the drain AND that is why he still smelled like a  dirty wet dog after spending twenty minutes in the shower. Rest assured the tractor he keeps on the side of the tub is spotless.

Spotless tractor

All of these apps are meant to keep us parents in tune with the progression of our miniature selves’ education.  Keep us up to speed, in the know and more importantly create conversation.  I adore my crews’ teachers and the selfless hours they devote to the continual growth of all the young people whose lives they are shaping.  Recently I was sent a note from one of the kiddos teachers: “What’s a palindrome?  We have been talking about it in math believe it or not…”   Hannah (names have been changed so I don’t look like a complete idiot in the eyes of my childs teacher) I CANNOT believe this was discussed in class today… Truth be told, I have no idea what a palindrome is.  I had to double check the spelling.  Forget about how to pronounce it!! What I have been asking the gang (a lot) is Who didn’t flush the toilet?? To me, in this moment it is a far more pertinent question to ask than the occurrences of these off beat unique characters.  Either coming or going no matter what way you look at it.  Toilets must be flushed.

As for the lunches….how far into the school year must one mom wait to send a piece of bread and two baby carrots without looking like a complete failure?
Asking for a friend……

❤ Leigh
© 2018



  1. I sent pizza pops today. Without a plate. I am now a pariah because I do not follow instructions well. Thank goodness I actually don’t have to worry about it because no one knows who I am. LOL Son just ignored everyone who was telling him what to do and bring, just like mom, if it makes no sense I am not listening. Oh and like 6 granola bars to fill him up.

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