Then It Happened …

Today’s Mom Tears™ are brought to you by “You cannot have a pity party without cake” and “I am proud of you Mom”

A few short weeks ago I made a decision to leave the world of sales for good.  Yes, I was terrified.  I have kiddos that need to be fed, bills to pay and let’s face it life is expensive!  Yet, again I jumped without looking back.  Hours after I made the verbal and written announcements of resignation I had a surprise visit from a cousin.  Here’s the thing with surprise visits … Sometimes there are profound gifts in the conversations you were not planning on having.

The decision to be a stay at home mom was my own.  I do not regret a moment of it.  During the twenty some odd years I gave of myself to be there for the gang I got left behind when it came to the working world.  I have been told that the talents I have and skill set acquired as a stay at home mom made me a valuable employee. Here is where my cousin comes in.  He said in a no nonsense loving manner that in fact I do not have the skill to work a 9 – 5 office job.


The instant the words were spoken I felt free.  Seriously!!  The truth was out and I no longer needed to try to be the girl who was making decisions nor trapped in front of a computer screen.  My last sales pitch was selling me.  Nothing more, nothing less… just me.

That is exactly what I did when approaching a local diner.  Meeting the owners, I did ask they think twice on hiring me.  I have never waitressed before. EVER. Not to mention I have a full schedule with the gang a commitment with 88.7 The River as one of the morning voices. (I am the funny one…sometimes) plus freelance work. Once again someone took a risk, held out a hand and I was not a moment without a job.

The cake less pity party?  I got so caught up in what I thought I was supposed to be doing that I could not see how I could possibly find happiness in being a waitress.  It sure does not sound glamorous and trading in high heels for converse runners momentarily left me a little weepy. I started to over think it all. Will The kids be embarrassed of what I am doing? Will people think less of me?

Then it happened

I realized that the kiddos have been preparing me for this my entire adult life! I find tremendous enjoyment seeing people gather around a table. My heart swells when older couples come in and share a meal or split a desert. Families who come in and knowing exactly how much that mom needs and deserves a break. Let’s not forget about the regulars who pop in for a daily chat while a table close by is surrounded by teens too young to realize that meeting up for breakfast is something they will look forward to and need to plan when they get caught up in life all too soon.  I am pleased to do what I love to do in a little dinner in my small town where it seems there is always room for one more.

FullSizeRender (11).jpg

The “I’m Proud of you mom” came from one of the big kids.  I will leave it at that as truthfully it is hard to type with dust in my eye.

Disclaimer: I am still getting the hang of things.  If I forget your coleslaw or don’t top off your drink right way believe me I am ten times more annoyed at myself than you are with me.  I will not attempt to carry four plates at once (Possibly ever, as I have the grace of a water buffalo and trip on my own shadow…. often) What I lack in agility I make up for in speed and will return to you with the rest as fast as I can.

❤ Leigh
© 2018


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