Winging it, one day at a time

Today’s Mom Tears™ are brought to you by “I’ll take I have no clue what I’m doing for one hundred please Alex” and “Who exactly is Dr. Spock and how many kids did he have?”

I suppose that most would assume that having a large family immediately puts me in a different category when it comes to my knowledge on parenting.  I’m going to let you in on a little secret….

I have NO clue what I’m doing!!

I am winging it.

Completely winging it.

Children do not come with a hand book.  Granted there are literally thousands of books and oodles of magazines dedicated to raising a child and being a in tune healthy mom.

Did you hear that?  The loud crashing sound?  IMG_0174

That was the heavy sigh of the author of one of above mentioned books losing his/her shit because they are scraping boogers off the wall just above the toilet paper for the billionth time. He/ she has collapsed onto the floor.  While laying at the base of the throne a urine puddle has been discovered.

Here is where I lose my mind.

Instead of saying what really happened said individual has an image to upkeep. When exiting the loo, a little flustered looking and questions arise re the loud crash they are apt to reply “I was just doing a new jazz yoga position, it is all the rage in strengthening your core”
Disclaimer: jazz yoga is not a thing.  Boogers on the wall and urine puddles around the toilet in a home that has boys living in it or visiting are things. Things we do not discuss because it makes us look like crappy moms who are …. Winging it.

One kiddo or seven each parenting experience is unique to the child you are dealing with.  It is hard, it can make labour look like a walk in the park, it can take you to your highest highs and nano seconds later have you lying on the bathroom floor in a puddle of pee.  It is a life long journey of growing and changing together. It is a never give up, I believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself kind of relationship.  It will leave you crumbling against the back wall of the shower begging for answers to questions you cannot even compile words to dare ask.  Somehow though we get up.  Dry our faces. Get dressed and make dinner or the thousandth snack of the day.

“I’ll take I have no clue what’s going on most of the time but I wouldn’t change a thing Alex” As for you Dr. Spock I think I shall wait for Scottie to beam me up.
For all of you spring chickens out there please google Dr. Spock.  He was not a character on Star Trek but an American pediatrician who wrote a best seller in 1946.  Yes, my mom had a copy of it….she also winged it…a lot.

❤ Leigh
© 2018


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