Sibling Protection, one tough gang!

Todays Mom Tears™ are brought to you by “I seriously cannot believe this is my life” and “I thought there would be a chocolate fountain”

First things first. I love my kiddos more than anything in this world. Today It is all I can do to even like them.  There I said it. It is not pretty and I’m sure there are a few of you with hands over open mouths that I a mother dare utter that! Well, I did and right now its true.  How on earth did I raise such selfish humans? Since eight feet hit the floor this morning I have felt like a customer service rep at a low end, in bankruptcy protection department store. Fielding complaints, answering phones, trying to collect payment on the 13th floor of a non air conditioned office during a heat wave, surrounded with coworkers who have packed such delicacies for lunch as pickled eggs, kielbasa, and day old strongly brewed coffee…..YES it has been one of those days. No one is happy or seeing all the wondrous things to be grateful for. Nope, not today folks.

I am at a loss for words.


I am hopeful that I shall live long enough to have one of the crew say “Hey Mom, thanks … for loving me when I was a little jerk”.  Perhaps they will gather at a table one day and instead of trying to see how long it takes to have me lose my cool they will remember that I was cool (ish) for a 45 year old, tired slightly run down over thinker and be happy they had me as a mom…..


I am thinking that that is too much to ask for. I mean today they have already asked all the possible asks to be had on the planet!! I am mot sure there is one left for me. I thought parenting would be so much easier. That many hands make light work, always having each others backs……NOPE…. Many hands make passing the buck a difficult game to keep up with. As for having each others backs?  My word they will back each other right up under the bus. Oh, it only gets more complicated from here. Heaven forbid I single one of them out!! Game rules change then. They circle like a pack of wolves protecting the hapless victim they not even a minute ago tossed under a fully loaded city bus!
I am tired.
I am pulled in a thousand different directions every moment of every day.
I am trying to keep a float while trying to please everyone I come across.
This recent heat has melted my stash of chocolates.

Which makes me think of a chocolate fountain. They are the desert table show stopper.  Always admired, had at events where celebration and joy are found and they are soooo classy ….
I am currently sopping up chocolate out of a drawer without fruit or the aide of a skewer loaded up with of any kind deliciousness because one of the gang has used them all to spear pickles out of a jar. Thank goodness I also stash potato chips they are handy salty little spoons.


DISCLAIMER: No children were harmed prior, during or after writing this. “Hapless victim” Was in reference to one kiddo being questioned on the disappearance of the bamboo skewers. Said child is believed to have slipped into the sibling protection program.  It is thought this sibling gang is also harbouring “No soles Mcgee” Wanted for ripping the bottoms of new shoes. He is fast on his feet and believes these new slipper shoes to trend this season. Other perpetrators may include: Can’t change a toilet paper roll I don’t have time for that kind of paperwork AND the deadly; Milk bag cutting, triangular piece of plastic leaving, litter bug.


❤ Leigh
© 2018


  1. Did they save the soles? You know, so in your spare time you can make some nifty crocheted uppers for them. Thrifty 😉


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