Let Them Eat….Whatever….

Todays Mom Tears™ are brought to you by “Are you serious right now” and “I really don’t care what you eat”

For the love of all that is good, I am moments away from packing a bag and heading out for a life on the road. When the gang of kiddos (hooligans) came tromping through the door tonight and their wee voices asked what was for dinner….. Prior to “How was your day?” or “Hey, mom you are not half bad. I missed you today. Need any help with anything?” I responded with a light heart what supper would be.

This is the “crap” I prefer to call it Mexican Lasagna, and it is fantastic!

It all came undone in the next few moments.

Instead of “Oh that sounds good! Thank you special lady” I received two sets of rolling eyes, one kiddo was enroute to the cereal. One (possibly my new fav cause I am fickle like that) was pleased. One of the crew went on a bit of a whining session. Apparently, folks there is no good food here in the trenches. NOTHING to eat. Its all crap. UGGG

The gravel in the drive crunches the kids all pop up like meercats and ask “who is it?” Seriously?? I am not Kreskin !! I go to the door and it’s a sales person. Wanting a few minutes of my time to sell books. I do not want books right now! I want a houseful of kids who appreciate the fact I work all day and still make dinner. I know, it is too much to ask, one can wish.

Hang on to your seats it gets better.

One of the children asked if we had any chicken breasts…..

I really believe my eyes bulged out as I have a touch of a headache and blinking is difficult.

I replied “No, and if we did I am not putting the oven as it is hotter than the hubs of hell in here!!” He kindly replied “No, no I’ll cook it.” UMMMM…. I am not putting the oven on. Again, the complaining began. No food. Can I have a hair cut…but do it like this… is there any ice cream left? Stop licking the spoon!! Now at this verymoment I swear one of them just said “I’m Bored”

If you happen to see a middle-aged girl walking really fast (I never run) in an outfit entirely wrong for an evening stroll its me. Just nod and smile.

❤ Leigh
© 2018


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