Uncorked Whine and Thoughts

Not all that is lost is missed
it is in losing
our strongest truest selves are found

Not all of life’s events are earth shattering
each of these movements is a slight push into yourself

When your world is rocked

Light is never lost transforming into shadows of self.

stand at the fire of raw emotion
step closer to where you belong

Screaming through it, you may find

that voice is your own

Those who stand at your side
as silence soothes your throat
They too have stood alone
faced the blistering heat of life

Stand in the loud echoes of thought




FullSizeRender (8)
No straight line shall meet a curve and continue on unchanged

Tremble at your stare
Weep with your touch
Lifted up
Hold Fast.

This is life.

Sing my name in a breath; one single note
Capture all I am within a fleeting glance
Hold me closer than you dare
Let me slip like sand
through open fingers 

❤ Leigh
© 2018

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