Similarities I Share with the Dog

So here is the thing; I am the oldest human in the house.  I do find some comfort in converting the dogs age into people years.  Dolly is seventy-seven. I am very recently forty-five in people years. In mom years I am a mere 23. Most days I feel like the dish rag that has been in the sink too long.  (you know the one; I bet you can even recall its odour) I do not have an odour. I am however at times over used, unappreciated and when I hop out of the shower my body does not go back to pre-kid form like the before mentioned dish cloth.

 Enough about dish rags!!

I was watching the much-loved family dog saunter across the lawn the other day and became overrun with emotion. She has been a loyal family member, a tremendous guardian to the gang, phenomenal house keeper. My floors may be sticky and covered in sand but a drop of food you will never find! Then I got to thinking how much the two of us are alike. It made me smile so I thought I would share it with you:

The similarities between myself and the dog:
We are both older and, in some ways, wiser. She no longer runs foolhardy after the kids on their bikes. I no longer ride a bike (actually, I haven’t ridden since I was a teen)

Dolly knows she will be reprimanded when she destroys the garbage and has it all over the kitchen floor, I know that eating a family sized chocolate anything in seconds flat will in fact give me a stomach ache and a touch of a sugar high.

We both do these things often and never feel the consequences are too much to pay.

FullSizeRender (7)
The look of guilt

We are both a bit jiggly.  She hides her wiggling under a thick coat, I hide mine with tight undergarments.
We both smile, and that seems to get people to look at our faces instead of watching things swing around wondering when and if they will be still.
We both wear black.  Doll by birth me by choice and it seems to work for us. Our personalities are colourful enough that we need not adorn ourselves too brightly. I love scarves she has a white band around her neck.
Neither of us can make it through the night without a visit to the ladies’ room.
We both also enjoy a cool drink of water after said visits, she from the toilet me from the tap, cool water none the less. One must keep hydrated.
Dolly in the last few years has started turning grey, I too have fallen prey to the grips of aging and grey hairs have found me. Fortunately, I am able to have that looked after and platinum blonde is my go to cover up. The grey chin hairs…. Dolly wears hers with style and finesse; I yank mine out at the root every chance I get but we both have them.
We both love the kids fiercely and would spend our last bits of energy protecting any one of them from anyone or anything.
Dolly has proven to be a silent and trust worthy companion during my most difficult days, listening to my woes, frustrations and fears she has never passed judgement on my thoughts nor look appalled at my second or third glass of wine. She is loyal, she is unique, she is protective and just like myself her bark is far worse than her bite.

❤ Leigh
© 2018



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