Locked in a Bathroom

Today’s Mom Tears™are brought to you by “Are you kidding me right now?” and “Thankfully I did not have to call the fire department”

When you have a busy home – ok , when you have a kid (or many) – the washroom is as important as the kitchen and its door swings as often as the fridge door.  Also keep in mind that cries from within the bathroom cause everyone to run from wherever they are . . . especially when it’s the baby calling for help. (Said child is not a real baby; to me he is but really, he is too old to qualify as a baby.)

I did not even have my shoes off from work yet when I heard the cry, “Help, I’m locked in the bathroom.” I ran – ok, ok; we all know I do not run – I hustled in my three inch heels to save him from the isolation of being locked in a room complete with jacuzzi tub, wonderfully handmade scented bath bombs, candles, water, and did I mention solitude??

I took the unlocking the bathroom door tool (Hey, it’s a good name) otherwise known as a meat thermometer. I do occasionally unlock the door when the teens are showering for too long, just to remind them I have the power.

IMG_0783With the expertise of a stunt double in the Matrix I put it in the pre drilled hole that unlocks the door from the outside….except it did not hit the thingy (again it is a good name! I am not very mechanical, nor do I use correct tools, nor do I know the name of bits and pieces of most things) It slid right through!  My poor wee babe said “Hey mom! I see you!” The rest of the door knob was in his hand!!! I had visions of breaking in the bathroom window but had to let them go because the window is too high and the screen is the only screen in the house that doesn’t have a hole in it, soooo I had to let that heroic rescue go and focus!

Three children and the dog were gathered in the hall outside the bathroom, when there was a knock on the front door… my wee girl’s friend was here. She then told her mom the baby was locked in the bathroom. Being the amazing woman she is, she offered assistance, and she too had a friend with her.

Picture it if you can now.  Four children, three adults (and may I add that the two other adults are also teachers at the school where my kiddos go) and the dog. Each giving some helpful advice.

Finally. The door was opened!!

Where does the fire department come into all of this? My oldest boy is on the local volunteer department and no longer lives at home…..I thought this may get him over for a visit.

I kid you not people, not even twenty minutes later another member of my crew got locked in. I’ll be picking up a new door knob this evening, I need chips anyways.

❤ Leigh


  1. Leigh I hope some day all these stories go into a novel kinda like Little House on the Prairie 😉. I love each and everyone one of them . So many stories we gave in common.
    Keep up the great work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No one can tell a story like you can Leigh. I’m enjoying reading each and everyone and catching up with you and your life you are one amazing Lady you are 🙂


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