Nightmares, Small Bladders, and Old Dogs

Today’s Mom Tears™are brought to you by “Nightmares, small bladders, and old dogs”.

I have not had a full nights sleep in 23 years.  It goes hand-in-hand with being a mom. Last night was no different. When little knuckles rapped on my door in the wee hours calling for me, I was quick to rise to see my baby standing on the other side – frightened by a bad dream. With a hug and a kiss, I tucked him back into bed and watched as he took a deep breath closed his eyes and immediately fell back to sleep. Gitt pull quote3

I thought it would be the perfect time for me to visit the restroom . . . ‘cause, well . . . I’m ‘old’. It’s what we do after a certain age. I liken it to being the 24-hour security here.  

Not long (just minutes) after I snuggled back in I could hear the dog begin to pace. I quickly jumped out of bed again to let her out. She likes to roam the perimeter at night to check on things. And if I don’t hear her, heaven forbid, I am left with a liquid gift which can be anywhere . . . and usually found by my hurried morning footsteps.  When I let her out I was amazed by the sound of rushing water.  I waited patiently for her return to the door and was once again almost memorized by the sound of water falling.

UNTIL it all started clicking.

It’s not raining that hard . . .

I do not have a waterfall . . .

PANIC!! I ran – ok, ok, – I walked briskly to the basement stairs and flicked on the light. To my dismay, I saw I had acquired an indoor pool, complete with a water feature that used to resemble a window.

Yes, I have always wanted an indoor pool for both mental and physical health benefits BUT it would be a project I would want to be involved in.  I would not choose to have the floor of it carpeted and there is no way I would put any furniture in it! Why, that is just plain silly! With the help of my partner (who immediately went outside to put a stop to the beautiful sound), an armload of blankets, a broom, a bucket and a heavy heart, I walked gingerly in the refreshing water (ohhh it was cold!)

I managed to turn the pool into a stream heading towards the drain in the floor in another room.  The carpet acted as a sponge and held quite a bit. Just enough to squish over your feet.

I’m still worried and disheartened that we truly do live in a swamp. But part of me was more than happy that I was woken up by a knock on the bedroom door, that I am still able to hug and kiss away a bad dream for at least one of my gang, and that Dolly had nothing for me to find with tired toes in the morning.

❤ Leigh

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