Flabby Arms

Today’s Mom Tears™are brought to you by “Where did the time go and how did I end up with old lady flabby arms?”

So, I have been cruising along in mom-world feeling, you know, young and hip. Until an innocent enough text this morning . . . asking how the war was going. The words flew out of my finger tips:

“I’m exhausted, in need of a vacation. Can’t stop eating junk food so in turn feel like a whale, my wrinkles are getting deeper, not sure what to do about the wrinkles on my lip cause I’m not ready to quit smoking, pretty sure I could fly if the wind caught me cause of the old lady arm flap…. just a regular day.”

It doesn’t hit me often because I am in perpetual motion with the gang, but sometimes I’ll catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I am gobsmacked. Looking back at me is a shocked middle-aged girl who ten minutes before was busting some pretty fine dance moves in the kitchen to something playing loudly on the radio. I also think my voice is a great mix between Pink and Adele – truly an experience for those with above par taste. Then I see “her.”

Gitt pull quote2

How the heck did the solid gold dancer from a moment ago get so dang old? And are all the adverts on tv directed at me? Should I be looking into a retirement village? If I do, will all the cool people be there? Will we party till eleven in sensible shoes and comfortable pant suits?

Time sure does fly.  My body has been ravaged by the expansion and contraction of having given birth seven times (yeah, that one always stops me in my tracks) I am not fit. I am not 18 any more. I still don’t know who scarfed my giant Kit Kat and chips. I do cry in the shower when overwhelmed with thoughts of how I will make it through another day filled with all that being a mom entails, but let me tell you this: if the wind picks me up by my flabby arms and carries me away, I know without a doubt I’ll land on my feet continue to dance and sing…. with the kiddos not too far behind, reminding me how worth it this journey is.

My mom arms are where they find comfort; my age is where they find a bit of life’s experience.

AND Spanx® They really help pack all the jiggly bits in, keeping up the illusion that I have things together.

❤ Leigh


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