Chocolate & Chips

Today’s Mom Tears™ are brought to you by “Wow I finally understand why my mom got mad when I went in her room” and “I can’t believe they ate MY candy bar!”

You will NEVER have anything that is just yours again. Becoming a mom immediately ends any and all personal space and forfeits all possessions. Your children will have their own things that you are not to touch, but you will not have your own things.

What’s yours is theirs and what is theirs is theirs – even though you bought and paid for it.

I began a long and arduous journey; a journey of 23 years and counting – but the little guys are totally knocking me out! This week alone someone ate four of the ten pieces of chicken that were purchased for chicken salad wraps.  No big deal, right? Ummm, yeah it is actually, when there are seven people to feed. Needless to say, the salad wraps with hint of chicken were delicious.Gitt pull quote

The sparse chicken in our dinner reminded me of the sprinklings of bacon bits my mom used to put on our ceasar salads.  Remember those? They came in a jar; one piece of dehydrated bacon with extra flavour added crumpled into a billion pieces and safe to keep in the cupboard right beside the peanut butter. Yuck!!

The real kicker here is the audacity and entitlement one of the gang had – devouring my chocolate bar.

Yes, it was a family sized Kit Kat; but seriously, I have a family sized appetite for any and all chocolate.  

Still not sure who the culprit is, because they are all pro at finger-pointing, and each has mastered the poker face during questioning. The suspect must have had a moment of guilt because he/she left one piece in the packet. Outrageous!

Listen here, I may do a lot of silly things, but I would never leave one piece of candy all alone in its wrapper. They are meant to be eaten in even numbered lots.  Everyone knows that! I am guessing that after the sweets he/she needed a salty snack, and they ate my chips. Conveniently the child questioned blamed the baby (who is seven) and was fast asleep. When I questioned him the next morning, he blamed the very child who tossed him under the bus.

I used to have a padlock on my door.  It may be time to bring it back out. The other option is to begin removing objects from their rooms and blaming the dog, but secretly selling it on varagesale so I can make a bit of cash on the side to keep purchasing chocolate.  

Please do me a favour:

If you are able to, call your mom and tell her what you snuck out of her room and apologize profusely.  Then tiptoe into your children’s room(s), and help yourself to a little shopping spree. You earned it!

❤ Leigh

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